About LMA Art Cards (NFT´s)

The LMA Art Gallery https://lma-art-gallery.com/contains unique non-fungible tokens (NFT´s) ART cards on Harmony Network. https://www.harmony.one/

Non-fungible tokens are used to create verifiable digital scarcity, as well as digital ownership.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-fungible_token

You can buy LMA ART NFTs cards here: https://lma-art-gallery.com

Why are LMA Art cards (NFT´s) so special?

Because they have a digital ownership on blockchain, everyone can purchase the unique art cards, and become the owner of that specific art card. For each purchase the price will increase automatically 100% and can be immediately purchase from other person.

  • If someone purchase one art card, the owner of the card will receive the original value that payed + 50% reward, and 50% will go to the CEO account one1svzul8h6ylrj54rmyxxapvkvrrwex9hshnagnd This account will monthly buy back and burn LMA tokens on SeeSwap DEX. https://seeswap.one/

What is LMA token?

LMA token is the first deflationary token on Harmony Network

  • There are only 1,000,000 LMA minted, contract address:

    LMA   0x7d0546dBb1Dca8108d99Aa389A8e9Ce0C40B2370
  • Every month the LMA CEO account: one1svzul8h6ylrj54rmyxxapvkvrrwex9hshnagnd will buy back and burn LMA tokens on SeeSwap, will be used the totality of the rewards received from the NFT art cards transactions

  • There will never be newly minted LMA tokens

  • LMA tokens NEVER will be airdropped, all tokens need to be bought

  • LMA can be traded only on SeeSwap https://seeswap.one pool: LMA/ONEs

The utility LMA token price can be checked here (sheet LMA/ONEs price)

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